Infinite possibilities of iron

+Infinite(limitless, boundless)
+Finely(stylish, beautiful, elaborate, exquisite)

Iron with infinite possibilities Fine and
beautiful iron completed by Posco Steeleon’s
exclusive technologies beyond the limitations of iron’s
physical properties and utilization

New Brand Vision & Concept


Infinite possibilities INFINeLI


new style and inspiration INFINeLI


ESG, eco-friendliness and sustainability INFINeLI

Steel, In Your Life
The Infinite Steel

INFINeLI is not a color steel plate brand that simply dyes color,
but a will of Posco Steeleon to lead a new shift in steel.

INFINeLI that opens up the infinite possibilities of iron with customers
proposes the value of new style and sustainability in our life.

New Brand Image & Slogan

+ + +

The brand design of INFINeLI that has become closer to a premium lifestyle is complete into a more premium image with a detailed curve that represents the flexibility of iron, added to wide expression.

English alphabet “e” in lower case is used to bring up the image of “Fe,” the element symbol of iron and represents the eco-friendliness of recyclable steel products.

The brand slogan is intended to make a direct impression of the meaning, and infinite possibilities of iron by stressing the name of the INFINeLI brand.